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Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios are a very durable and practical option with minimal maintenance.

A concrete patio can also be a huge piece

to the look of your landscape while also creating a functional outdoor living space.

Whether you have your own vision or you are looking for design ideas NKD Construction Services can help!

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are durable, versatile,

and can be installed in a practical standard look or customized for an eye-catching appeal with different colors, shapes, and finish designs. Concrete driveways are the hands down choice for residential and commercial projects adding value to your home or business.

Concrete Walkways

A concrete sidewalk or walkway can serve

your property in many ways. Two major benefits of a properly designed and installed walkway are ease of access and safety! In addition to the fundamental benefits walkways provide,

they also add appeal and are completely customizable to add a finishing touch to your outside living space.

Garage Floors

Garage floors can be a busy space often carrying heavy loads and traffic. Over time garage floors can succumb to the heavy use resulting in cracks and crumbling affecting the garage floors appearance.

In more extreme cases the concrete could be settling or sinking making it unsafe or unusable. Typically, in these cases the soils underneath “Aggregate” has become compromised by settlement, water, extreme weather, poor compaction of soils during initial installation, lack of correct materials used, or all the above.


The key factor here is to identify and correct the causes, reestablish a solid foundation and replace

with appropriate methods and materials. Garage floor finishes are also a great way to add to your garages appeal. There are many options such as custom concrete finish, sealants, epoxies, and colors. No matter your situation whether it be replacing an

existing floor or a new build NKD Construction Services can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Decorative Outdoor Living Spaces

NKD Construction Services can help with hot tub slabs, seating areas, basketball courts, water feature bases, etc.. Outdoor living spaces should be unique to your needs, vision, and property landscape. If you have a vision to enjoy your outside living space more why not create it? Its yours make it work for you and if you can imagine it chances are NKD Construction Services can help you achieve your desired vision.

Concrete Repair

Although concrete is one of the most long-lasting durable materials it can become vulnerable and compromised for various reasons. Sometimes the concrete is still sound and in great shape, but your project requires the concrete to be cut removed and replaced to accomplish the project. No matter the reason if your concrete needs to be repaired NKD Construction Services is here to help you.

Decretive Retaining Walls

Decretive retaining walls can achieve

multiple outcomes and solutions such

as elevation transitions, water flow and drainage. A decretive retaining wall can

also add landscape appeal creating borders, flower beds, rock gardens etc. adding unique colors, shapes, sizes, and elevations to your landscape.

Rock Landscaping

Rock landscaping can be a very affordable landscaping option with low maintenance while still achieving a great look for your outside living space. Rock landscaping ideas and options are almost endless with so many ways to shape and design according to your landscape. Rock landscaping is also a great way to add different colors and tones to your scape with the many options of rock color, shape, and size.

Decorative Concrete

Do you want to add a unique beautiful finishing touch to your home or business? NKD Construction Services offers various options to create the look you are looking for whether it is shape, color, or finish style NKD Construction Services can customize your project to complete your vision.

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